Cross-country Itinerary

Per BEFA’s Rules of Operation, paragraph 19.6(b), “A flight plan should be filed whenever feasible for all flights exceeding 50 nautical miles from the point of takeoff and for all flights into remote areas.”

Per BEFA’s Rules of Operation, paragraph 19.6(c) for extended cross-country, “When a pilot schedules an aircraft for more than 24 hours, or plans a trip outside the Local Flying Area, an itinerary must be completed and submitted to the Safety Officer or Operations Officer prior to departure. A deposit is required for any extended cross-country reservation.” Refer to paragraph 20.3.2 to determine the deposit amount.

Passenger Waiver of Liability

BEFA is a non-profit organization, and exists for the purpose of allowing eligible pilots to have the use of small aircraft for personal flying or to learn to fly. BEFA is committed to flight safety.

There are risks to being a passenger in an aircraft. These risks include property damage, personal injury, and death, which may result from, turbulence, mechanical or equipment malfunctions, emergency landings, or accidents. The Passenger expressly assumes these risks, understands, and signs a waiver releasing all parties from liability prior to flight departure.