The Boeing LTP office or BEFA office no longer processes or facilitate the Aviation Ground School enrollment, though the class is still taught in the Renton Airport BEFA facility classroom, or Everett site, respectively. (See Renton Boeing facility map, grid B-52).

Enrollment is now through Renton Technical College, for “South” employees (425) 235-2352 ex. 5525,, or for “North” employees, Everett Community College, (425) 388-9100, 17 student maximum, $435 includes all 3 books and associated supplies. 1/2 hour of motion sim time is “gratis”.

Class is now open to the general public, too. The Boeing LTP program does, at the time of this writing, provide vouchers towards the qualified Boeing employee’s course cost, (with a passing grade of “C” or better). Please see your Boeing LTP office for more information.