What do you need to know to pass the required FAA written knowledge test?  Basically, one needs to know the following five areas:  aircraft systems, aerodynamics (lift, weight, thrust & drag), weather, aeronautical navigation, and FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations). Ground School can be done with home/online study.  Preferred is formal classroom instruction. 

You are in luck. BEFA designed a specific 60 hour (day or evening, 3 hrs/day, 2 days a week) private pilot ground school class taught by BEFA instructors at BEFA facilities.  The ground school class is offered in the fall and in the spring.

Coming soon is the Fall 2019 Private Pilot Ground School in Renton.   Register now!

  • Class starts September 10th and ends on November 7th.
  • Class is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The day class time is 10 AM – 1 PM, and the evening class time is 5 PM – 8 PM.
  • Location is the BEFA classroom in Renton.
  • Registration:  Contact Renton Technical College (425) 235-2352 ext. 5528.
  • Course:  AVIA 101 Aviation Ground School
  • Fee:  $599

Boeing covers tuition for their employees who take approved Ground School classroom curriculum through accredited colleges such as Renton Technical College (RTC) http://www.RTC.edu or Everett Community College (ECC) http://www.everettcc.edu/. These classes qualify for full tuition reimbursement with C or better final grade. Employees, see your Boeing LTP or QTTP for voucher.

The classes are also open to Boeing retirees, family members and the general public.