Membership is open to current Boeing employees, retirees, interns, Boeing suppliers with Boeing issued badges, and their families. In addition, BEFA maintains a wait list for guest members. For details see the Membership Information Handbook.

To join, eligible members are required to purchase a share in the Association and become a fractional owner. The shares are non-refundable and non-transferable. The shares are available in three classes depending on your status as a pilot and which aircraft you’d like to fly; members may upgrade their shares to a higher class at any time by paying the difference in share price.

Class I:  Student Pilot flies C150/C172 or equivalent

Class II:  Rated Pilot flies all airplanes except Cirrus, Float, Complex/High Performance

Class III:  Unrestricted Pilot flies all airplanes

In addition to purchasing a share, members pay $110 monthly dues for the operation of the Association to cover the insurance costs of flying, which is an actual “owner’s policy”, not just a “renter’s policy. This fee also covers the various business taxes, facility operation/upkeep, and required support costs and miscellaneous charges associated with operating BEFA. These dues are in addition to any flying charges.

If you’re interested in joining, take a look at BEFA’s Rules of Operation to understand a bit more about how we operate.

Still interested? Stop by and apply. Or, download our application form and submit it along with your deposit for membership to the BEFA office via Boeing in-plant mail (MS 39-130) or U.S. mail to 840 W. Perimeter Rd, Renton, WA 98057.

Membership Information Handbook
Membership Application