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From Your President – December 2016

As we near the end of 2016, we are proud of yet another year of excellent flight performance and a safe flying record; this is a tribute to our members and instructors with great support from our staff, maintenance and volunteers. BEFA is highly regarded in our Puget Sound aviation community. Thank You!

Challenges remain of course. We continue to work to negotiate a new long-term lease with the City of Renton, are looking for office space at Everett, need to become actively involved in STEM training, and fund/support BEFACT. It’s now December; with shorter days and less favorable flying weather, we expect fewer flying hours and less revenue from flight operations — this is normal for December through March.

We are completing our purchase of the Cirrus SR20 (N662AJ) that we have leased since 2006. We thank Ken Sain, Bob Bumpous and Bob Ingersoll for helping with the financing, Dave Schoeggl for legal support, and Justice Devara coordinating escrow services and movement of funds. Escrow closed November 28th.
There are continuing sensitivities to airplane noise by neighborhood representatives at quarterly Renton Airport Advisory Committee meetings. Enough
said; please remember to “Fly Friendly”!

An initiative to upgrade the BEFA website is underway — Thanks go to Oliver Meier and others for getting this started.

Ballots for electing three BEFA Board member (President, Operations Officer, and Secretary) have been sent to all participating member. If you are a Participating member, and have not voted yet, please do so – it’s important!