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From Your President (November 2018)

The Renton Airport Advisory Committee (RAAC) met to review plans for the RNT Airport Master Plan to be submitted and approved by the Renton City Council, FAA, and other Gov’t agencies as appropriate. This plan will reclassify RNT because of the volume of 737 activity now versus when it was last approved 20 years ago. A consultant hired by the City of Renton presented three options to comply with the new safety requirements. These are all significant revisions to the foot print of the airport. First the runway will remain as is, along with the taxiways. Safety areas at each end of the runway will be expanded along with protection zones. This will involve moving the seaplane ramp and several buildings will have to be removed. The RAAC, which BEFA is a member, voted to recommend one of the options. If approved by the City Council and submitted to the FAA; there will be an in depth environmental review, followed by a design and construction phase. The consultants’ best schedule for construction complete is 2026. Even though this has no immediate impact to BEFA it opens up a number of long term options for space on the airport. Our building committee is following this very closely in conjunction with RNT management. As it becomes clearer as to what is the best option for BEFA, we will keep you apprised of developments.

You should all have your BEFA ballots and I hope you’ll take some time to vote for your BEFA Board candidates.