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From Your President (May 2019)

The BEFA Annual meeting/Crab Feed was an opportunity for BEFA members to eat some great food, talk about airplanes and aviation, and hear from the Board about the health and status of BEFA. There were approximately 100 in attendance. I want to first thank all the volunteers who contributed to making the day a big success, especially our BEFA VP Curtis Jacobson for all his effort in pulling it together.

For those who weren’t there, I’m going to summarize the various topics reviewed.

MEMBERSHIP: Harium showed that our membership has actually grown year over year. The membership roster is very fluid with pilots coming and going for various reasons and it takes a lot of time and effort to stay on top of it all, especially as we bring in new Guest members.

TREASURY: Chuck Malmsten briefed the financial data. We have worked very hard to keep an overall positive cash flow while building reserves for future expenses such as building fund, engine TBO, aircraft upgrades and insurance premiums. We just received some positive news regarding our annual insurance policy, which has only a minor adjustment from last year’s policy. This is for hull and liability and really helps us plan for the next year knowing rates are set.

SAFETY/CFI: Matt commended our CFI team. We are very fortunate to have a great group of instructors who are very knowledgeable and dedicated to BEFA safety training. Matt described several new policies and training plans to help mitigate future safety issues.

OPERATIONS: Troy shared our fleet status and condition, and we are overall in very good shape. This was highlighted by the presentation of a new Top Cub, which is a lease back to BEFA. This aircraft compliments the Citabria and will provide great flying opportunities to our tail dragger pilots. I highly recommend you get checked out when it comes on line about June. Once again, a big thanks to ACE Aviation, the BEFA crew, and Wes’s persistence to keep our fleet flying with minimal disruption.

VICE PRESIDENT: Curtis showed all the upcoming aviation events that BEFA members can volunteer to participate. He also outlined our billing process upgrade to electronic billing. This is part of our transition to electronic newsletters, billing, and future voting. Stay tuned for more news on this.

PRESIDENT: This is our 65th year of operation which is truly remarkable. Our mission continues to be to provide a best value aviation experience to our members. The BEFA Board is unchanged for 2019 and continues to do an outstanding job of working together to maximize that mission.

Regarding the Building Committee, our progress is only as fast as our partner, RNT Airport and City of Renton sets out for us. They have been working with the FAA regarding a new Master Plan for RNT, which has been very consuming. I’m hopeful that we can establish a long term lease and building plan in 2019. Regarding PAE, we have a letter of intent to sublease from Regal Air sufficient office space in their new building. We are looking forward to working with them to make this a reality.

AWARDS: Wes recognized many members for their ongoing support of BEFA. The culture of volunteerism is alive and well at BEFA.

This year’s Member of the Year is Mike Borkan.
And, the Derdick Award goes to Steve Beardslee.

It is truly gratifying to hear about all the people who work tirelessly to make BEFA a success. THANK YOU!