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From Your President (September 2018)

The BEFA Board did not meet in August but we have been approached by Boeing to consider using BEFA ramp space for parking 737s. As you may have read in the paper, Boeing has serious supply chain issues with their engine manufacturers and possibly other suppliers. As a result there are more and more 737s being parked with yellow cement blocks for engines. We have been working with Boeing and RNT to determine whether or not there are possible ramp configurations that could accommodate them and keep our operations ongoing.

We have agreed to a ramp layout with Boeing for one 737, which will arrive August 31. Under this agreement BEFA will be compensated for use of our ramp space. To accomplish this we will be relocating aircraft within the BEFA ramp and ACE ramp. Our goal is to minimize any disruption to our BEFA ramp operations. At the same time we will need to comply with Boeing ramp rules around their 737.

Wes will be publishing updated BEFA ramp procedures which will provide for complying with this co-occupancy of the ramp. There will be further discussions with Boeing to evaluate future ramp solutions.

Your patience is appreciated as we continue to work with Boeing and RNT to help deal with this 737 issue.

Now that the smoke has cleared a bit, I hope you can get back to summer flying.