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From Your President – September 2017

August has been an interesting flying month at BEFA; TFR’s for the Blue Angels; IFR conditions because of smoke from forest fires; Total eclipse of the sun, with most of our BEFA fleet heading to Oregon; preceded by a Wash/BBQ Day to make the aircraft look great. Good timing Wes. And AD’s issued on some of our C172 engines.

We’ve also had some great flying conditions and a huge effort by Wes and ACE to keep your aircraft flying.

Thanks to Bob Bumpous and the BEFA volunteers for organizing our support of several Boeing Family Day events this past month and one more Family Day on October 1.

It has come to our attention of several airport intrusions to the ramp area by non-BEFA personnel through our gate. This is a very serious matter to us, the airport, and the TSA/FAA. The code will be changed but we should all be alert when on the ramp. Anytime you bring a guest on the ramp they should be escorted by you.