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From Your President (January 2019)

Overall, 2018 was a good year for BEFA. We have been able to continue to upgrade our fleet to meet the FAA ADS-B compliance mandate by 2020. We have a few remaining aircraft that will be converted in 2019. Our membership has been steady and very supportive of our volunteerism philosophy, which continues to help us provide the best value to our membership. Our staff has been outstanding again and our BEFA Crew, working with Ace Aviation, have all contributed to a successful year for BEFA. We have an outstanding CFI team which contributes to our Safety First philosophy. We continue to work with RNT Airport and the City of Renton to renew our lease. This involves a major change in the RNT FAA Airport Master Plan which has caused us to hurry up and wait to see the results of the new Master Plan. I believe 2019 will see this resolved. We have also engaged a long-term facility lease at PAE that I’m excited about, which will enhance our presence there. The BEFA Board is working very well together to promote the best value for your BEFA flying experience. We met on December 20 and agreed to extend the ramp agreement with Boeing for the next few months. We also agreed to convert this monthly newsletter to an electronic format. Please see Harium’s article in this month’s newsletter.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and soft landings.