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From Your President (March 2018)

Your BEFA Board met last week and is reviewing the new Boeing policy for workforce development, workplace of the future, and charitable investments and how BEFA may benefit from this initiative working with Boeing.
Working with the Renton School District we are creating a BEFA Aviation Scholars Program that would sponsor free ground school for Renton High School students leading to passing the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam. In addition to the classroom instruction, the students will have the opportunity to work with the BEFA Crew and understand ATC through the Renton Tower. This would create a pipeline for young people to be exposed to various aspects of general aviation. The idea is to run the school twice a year with 10-12 students per class. We have reached out to Boeing to help with the funding of this program. This is a perfect opportunity for BEFA membership to participate as well by making tax deductible donations to BEFACT. For Boeing employees and retirees, Boeing has increased its matching funds program from $6000 to $10000. You can share your love of aviation by helping these young people get a chance to learn about aviation.
In addition, we have approached Boeing about reassessing the Boeing reimbursement policy for solo and private pilot’s license. Since the mid 1990’s, an employee can receive $500 for solo and $1000 for a private pilot license. We’d like to expand the reimbursement policy to include instrument rating, commercial rating and CFI rating as well as adjust the values, which have not been updated since inception. There is a Boeing Questionnaire that Boeing employees can use to respond in favor of this initiative.
Finally, save the date for our annual meeting, Crab Feed which will be April 21, 2018.