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From Your President (October 2018)

Your BEFA Board met on Sept 20 and I’m pleased to announce that we are finalizing our implementation plans for the BEFA Aviation Scholars Program at Renton High School. We will be interviewing high school students for a 60 hour ground school that will, upon completion, prepare the student to take the FAA written exam for Private Pilot. The first class will start in January 2019 for 10-12 students per class and we’re planning two classes per school year. These students will also receive college level credit for the course. In addition to the classroom the students will receive some Redbird time and the opportunity to work with the BEFA crew.

This is a perfect opportunity for BEFA members to participate by making tax deductible donations to BEFACT to support their scholarships. If you have any questions please talk to Wes, Harium or myself.

You PAE pilots will be pleased to know that we have offered a Letter of Intent to Regal Air to enter into a long term lease for office space, aircraft tie downs and auto parking. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Regal Air and being a part of their new facility.

Our building committee continues to work through a myriad of issues related to a new long term lease and building at RNT. We have an excellent team of BEFA members who are participating in trying to make this a reality.

Finally, I’m hearing good reports that our 737 ramp space agreement with Boeing is proceeding with little impact to our day to day operations.