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From Your President – January 2018

2018 has arrived and it’s a good time to look in the mirror and make those New Year’s resolutions. As I said in last month’s newsletter, overall 2017 was a very good year for BEFA. I’m optimistic about 2018 in terms of our membership, financial health, and fleet of aircraft. We need to constantly prioritize our Safety mind set and make sure it’s always first and foremost.

Starting a new year is a good time to do a self-assessment of our personal risk factors especially when it comes to aircraft and flying. Are you as sharp starting 2018 as you were starting 2017? Particularly in terms of proficiency, currency, and medical?? Each of us has our own risk factors when it comes to flying and we need to do a self-assessment of their currency.

It’s that time of year when BEFA is conducting a lot of annual inspections and other maintenance to our fleet. Our Redbird has been updated and is a good option for winter weather and; the preflight is warm and dry.