BEFA offers flight training at many levels for new pilots, as well as for pilots seeking to improve their skills. Our Flight Instructors are qualified to instruct for the following airman certificates, ratings, endorsements and specialty training:

    • Private Pilot Certificate
    • Commercial Pilot Certificate
    • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
    • Flight Instructor Certificate
    • Instrument Rating
    • Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea
    • Multi-engine Land
    • Aerobatic
    • Tailwheel
    • Mountain Flying
    • High-Altitude Flying
    • High-Performance Aircraft (200+ HP, Constant-Speed Prop, Retractable Gear)
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Sales Tax Exemption for Dual Flight Training                                 

The sales tax exemption for dual training flights will provide a benefit to members and support their ongoing training, whether to obtain a new rating or recurrent-related. 

Dual Training Flights:  Specifically flown for training for the furtherance of a

   - Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Multi-engine or Seaplane license or rating

   -  High performance and/or Complex sign off training

 -  Make/model checkout

   - Tail wheel training endorsements

   - Any aerobatic training  BEFA required checkrides (BEFA 6-month checks, Mountain Checkride signoffs, grass strips, Bi-annual Fight Reviews)

The sales tax exemption does not apply to solo flights or Redbird time.

The requirements for exemption are as follows:
  • the BEFA member reserving the flight will mark it as "Training"-related (Orange) in Flight Schedule Pro (FSP), and
  • the FSP record will show their CFI's time as booked for the same flight.