Pilot Associations

Pilot Support:

Jeppesen Discount Program provides discounts on Jeppesen navigation and training services, including JeppView, paper charts, NavData, and training products

  1. New Jeppesen subscribers, register at https://shop.jeppesen.com/register-flow to set up an account/customer number.
  2. Click below to register for the Jeppesen discount program.
  3. After placing the order, Jeppesen will send an email to the BEFA office for membership verification.
    • Once BEFA gives approval, the order will be processed by Jeppesen.

ForeFlight Discount for Active Boeing Employees only:

  1. To receive a discount on a ForeFlight subscription purchased through the ForeFlight website, set up your account at https://foreflight.com/boeing-family.
    • Ensure your ForeFlight email address is the same as your Boeing email address.
  2. Once your Boeing address is verified, the discount will be applied to your future renewals or upgrades at https://www.foreflight.com/buy.

Click here for the  suggested Starter Flight Kit

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