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  • Aircraft rates are per tach hour, unless otherwise noted, and include all gas and oil even for extended cross-country flights.

ModelYearTail NumberLocationUsable FuelMin. PayloadMax. Useful LoadA/PGPSADS-B
C172S20032164ZKPAE53540.1858.1KAP 140 DualGTN650IN/OUT
C172SP200097PDKRNT53565.45883.45KAP 140 DualGTN650IN/OUT
C172XP-II FLOAT1979758NFKRNT68423.64831.64-GNS430WOUT
C182Q1977735LHKRNT75681.061131.06Cessna 300AGTN650IN/OUT
C24R198138566KRNT57589.25931.25S-Tec 50GNS430W GTN750IN/OUT
CIRRUS SR202006662AJKRNT50548848S-Tec 55 XGNS430WIN/OUT
CT21019829843YKRNT87994.141516.41Cessna 400B AutopilotDual GTN750iIN/OUT


BEFA pilots have access to a simulator from Redbird. The Redbird simulator may be used to satisfy the flight portion of a BEFA IFR/VFR six-month check-ride provided the pilot has accomplished a six-month check in an aircraft within the preceding eight months. All required landings must be accomplished according to the check-ride matrix. The Redbird may not be used for consecutive six-month check-rides.

Training in a flight simulator offers excellent benefits to both experienced flyers and pilots in training. Situations and scenarios that would be impossible mid-flight are commonplace in a simulator!

Simulated flight allows a pilot to fly anytime and in any weather without putting personal safety at risk and allows scenarios that would be dangerous in an airplane to be viewed as good training instead. This provides invaluable experience to pilots that is directly applicable to real-world scenarios. In a simulator, pilots are able to practice situations like difficult approaches or technical landings multiple times without using extra fuel or time, and without the high risk of real flight. There is even a practical benefit – sim flight saves aircraft from the wear and tear of extended training flight! All in all, simulated flight contributes to a safer and better-trained pilot and offers valuable experience that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

The BEFA Redbird Flight Simulator currently supports:

  • C172, Standard analog with KLN94 and G1000 avionics.
  • Cirrus Avidyne glass panel
  • PA-44 Seminole, Standard analog guages