Let your dream take flight!

Conquer new challenges and have fun while doing so. Explore new locations and new perspectives. For a more practical side, flying yourself is a flexible, cost-effective way to travel while avoiding airline hassles and expenses.

Winter Ground School Starts In January

BEFA Flying Study Club                                            Monthly Zoom Meeting,  July 18th                                          Design Maneuvering Speed (Va)  ***Facilitated by Bob Stoney***  What is design maneuvering speed and how is it computed at various weights?  Bob will give a presentation on maneuvering speed Va in relation to last month’s discussion regarding maneuvering speed when the engine becomes quiet.

Bob Stoney retired from the Navy as a Captain and has been a Test Pilot with the FAA since 2002 first in Wichita, KS and then in Seattle 2005.

BEFA Offers:
  • Wide selection of well-equipped, professionally maintained aircraft

  • Excellent history of safety

  • Highly qualified flight instructors, both flight and ground

  • Full-motion flight simulator, reducing cost of initial and recurrent training

  • Web-based resource scheduling

  • Approximately 25% lower cost than typical fixed base operators