Commercial Pilot


Before Flight Training

Ground School
FAA Written Exam

Stage 1

Cross-Country / Night Flight

Normal/Emergency Procedures
Airport Operations
XC Planning
VFR/IFR Navigation

Stage 1
Stage 2


Complex/TAA Training
Automation Management
Slow Flight / Stalls
Performance Maneuvers
Ground Reference Maneuvers

Stage 2
Stage 3

Practical test Prep

Commercial Privileges/Limitations
Practice Weak Areas
Mock Checkrides

Stage 3

Practical Test

Oral Portion
Flight Portion


  • Be at least 18 years-old
  • Complete all the required ground and flight training
  • 250 Hours of Total Flight Time
    • 100 of the 250 hours have to be in powered aircraft and 50 hours in airplanes while acting as PIC
    • 50 hours of cross-country time acting as PIC
  • 20 hours of flight training toward a commercial pilot certificate
    • 10 hours of instrument flight training (may already have been accomplished if you have an instrument rating)
    • 10 hours of complex, TAA, or turbo-jet time
    • One 2-hour day cross-country (>100NM) with CFI
    • One 2-hour night cross-country (>100NM) with CFI
  • 10 hours of solo time
    • One solo cross-country flight of 300nm, and landings at 3 different airports, one of which must be 250nm away from your original point of departure
    • 5 hours of solo flight under VFR with 10 takeoffs and landings at an airport with a control tower
  • Pass the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test for Commercial Pilot Airplane
  • Pass the FAA’s Practical Test for Commercial Pilot Airplane Single-Engine Land