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Renton Airport

How BEFA Supports Boeing and Community

  • Support of BCA Propulsion787 nacelle test paint through the operation of our C-182RG.
  • Boeing Fire Department personnel training, and its biannual international symposium on aircraft fire fighting, General Aviation standard type aircraft and ballistic parachute/TAA aircraft training. Over 80 fire fighters from around the world attended.
  • "Bailing" of one of our TAA aircraft and facility and logistical support to Boeing "Phantom Works" SAFE proprietary navigation software project.
  • Applicable training and coordination for FAA checkride for and conversion of Civilian FAA ATP pilot licenses for ex-Military pilots hired into Boeing Flight Test.
  • John Madden, past Manager of the T-33 chase plane program is but one notable recipiant.
  • Support of Boeing Customer Relations through educational demonstration of General Aviation operations in the United States to domestic and foreign customers/entities, such as the Moscow Design Bureau.
  • Providing instructors, course design/updating and general support oversight of Boeing LTP General Aviation classes.
  • Facility and meeting support for NW Society of Experimental Test Pilots
  • Support with informational booth for potential Boeing employee opportunities at Boeing Engineering New Hire Event at Bell Harbor International Conference Center.
  • Flight Test's annual "Hot Wings and Wheels" event.
  • Boeing "Family Day's" plant exhibits.
  • Angel Flight Program

BEFA Paine field

Everett - Paine Field

Welcome to BEFA

The Boeing Employees Flying Association (BEFA) is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Boeing Recreation Council. BEFA exists for the purpose of allowing eligible persons to have the use of small aircraft for personal flying or to learn to fly. The association has a large fleet of small aircraft available to its members at per-hour costs that are the lowest in the Puget Sound area. We have a large staff of flight instructors, most of whom are Boeing employees themselves.

How do I join BEFA?
Wes McKechnie - Welcome to BEFA
Wes McKechnie - Welcome to BEFA (3:00 minutes)

BEFA Crew Video

Above and beyond!


Renton Flight Schedule Pro Users

Attention KRNT Flight Schedule Pro Users: At this time we are using FSP for schedules, Tach times and Checking planes IN/OUT. NOT Squawks. We will be getting used to the schedule format first and then at a later time bring in other features. Please continue using the Tach Sheets in the books for now.

Howard Wolvington - Flight Instructor of the Year


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