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This is an opportunity for aviators to learn as well as to share their flying experiences.

• The host is Fred Quarnstrom, and each monthly topic is unique.

• A topic is presented once a month  on  a  Saturday at 10 – 11:45 am via Zoom meeting.

• After the presentation, there will be an interactive discussion.

Everyone is welcome to join the Zoom meeting, including nonmembers!




Saturday,  May 22nd                                      10 - 11:30 AM
Why would you want to fly to AirVenture Oshkosh?
by  Fred Quarnstrom  &                                harlan zentner

There are several reasons.  It is a semi challenging cross country flight.  It is the time of year when weather is on your side as opposed to almost any other month. One needs to plan on stops for fuel and stops to spend the night.   It is about a 12-to-15-hour flight both ways. Most importantly, you must monitor conditions and be ready to adjust your goals due to weather, time of day, possible towns with motels.  You must remain flexible.  Plan but be prepared to make changes.  This is probably the largest gathering aviation geeks in the world.  You will only see about 70% of the show if you start early every day and walk until you drop.  Everything from powered parachutes through home-built jets and spectacular air shows every day. 

This presentation will be a discussion of five (5) round trips flying BEFA aircraft with heavy use of home videos.  I will also talk about tricks I use to keep current in the particular aircraft I am flying as well as evaluating potential airports.  These forms work well for all beginning pilots.   Even if you are not going to KOSH, you might enjoy some of these tricks. 

You will arrive back at BEFA fully schooled in the use of GPS, ADS-B, and autopilots.  It is a great way to see the Cascades and Rockies IFR (I follow roads).  From East Montana to Oshkosh the country is a whole different world.


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