BEFA Flying Study Club

This is an opportunity for aviators to learn as well as to share their flying experiences.

• The host is Fred Quarnstrom, and each monthly topic is unique.

• A topic is presented once a month on the third Saturday at 10 – 11:45 am via Zoom meeting.

• After the presentation, there will be an interactive discussion.

Everyone is welcome to join the Zoom meeting, including nonmembers!




September 19th at 10 am
Planning a Cross Country Flight

by CFIs Fred Quarnstrom & David Jones

Do you want to fly to eastern Washington to visit family or friends for lunch?

Fred and David will give a pitch on planning and preparation for cross-country flying to Yakima Valley.  They will tell the story of what a young pilot did to set up an aviation division in a family business to make sure flights were safe, especially when the weather changed.  Fred and David will offer their pointers, and afterwards there will be an open discussion.

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