BEFA Flying Study Club

This is an opportunity for aviators to learn as well as to share their flying experiences.

• The host is Fred Quarnstrom, and each monthly topic is unique.

• A topic is presented once a month on the third Saturday at 10 – 11:45 am via Zoom meeting.

• After the presentation, there will be an interactive discussion.

Everyone is welcome to join the Zoom meeting, including nonmembers!




 August 15, 2020   10 AM
TakeFlight Interactive

Facilitated by Brandon Steltz

The program demonstrates a maneuver and then talks the student through the maneuver. The student next practices the maneuver with coaching from the virtual instructor (you are descending, need more rudder, etc.) When students are ready, they fly on their own and are graded to FAA standards that will be used for their flight tests. If you did not like your score, just try again!